Bitcoin Dips to Another Low, Second Time This Year

Bitcoin dips

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) took a nosedive from $44,591.80 which was on 15 Feb 2022 to $40,730.17 as of 18 Feb 2022. Once again proving the volatility of cryptocurrency. Prior to this, the worst drop for 2022 occurred on January 24, 2022, when the price fell to $35,070.10. Since the drop, it was slowly…

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Google’s Dedicated Unit on Blockchain

Google's blockchain unit

Search engine giant Google plans to enhance its current offerings by integrating blockchain technology. The corporation has developed a new entity that will focus on blockchain technology and its potential. According to reports, Google can try to improve distributed computing and data storage tech with blockchain technology. Google can give the option of crypto payments.…

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The best cryptocurrency exchanges for 2022

Do you want to invest in crypto but are confused about crypto exchanges? If you are confused about crypto exchanges, we got you covered!  Best Crypto Exchanges in USA Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA. Simply check out and know what makes them the best. Your investment journey will…

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Best Places to Buy Cryptocurrency in USA in 2022

These days, Cryptocurrencies seem to be the It Thing and it appears like everyone wants cryptocurrencies. To be on board the game and get on the fun one needs a crypto exchange to buy and sell digital currencies for the likes of Dogecoin, Etheruem, and Bitcoin. For those newly on board or for a more…

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